Eskay Nitrile Exam Gloves Box of 200 Gloves – Food Safe, Non-Sterile, Latex Free, Powder Free, Medical Grade, Size Medium, Purple Color

  • Price : $19.99
  • Price : $19.99
  • DURABLE AND PUNCTURE RESISTANT: These are a very durable gloves, and they stretch to fit your hand with a comfortable fit.
  • MEDICAL,FOOD AND OTHER USES: Can be used for all industries that need medical or food use. Can be used for a variety of purposes, doctors, home, food, cleanliness.
  • POWDER FREE AND LATEX FREE: These gloves are powder and rubber latex free, for people that are sensitive to powder and latex
  • TEXTURED FINGERTIPS, NON-STERILE: These gloves have texture at the fingertips, to make sure you get a good grip even when your handling wet and slippery objects. These gloves are single use and non-sterile, suitable for all environments that need to stay clean.
  • DIPENSER BOX OF 200 GLOVES AND SINGLE USE DISPOSABLE GLOVES: 200 gloves by weight, these are single use gloves, and you can use the box as a dispenser.